Wednesday, November 21, 2007


so my grandparents are moving out of their house and are now down sizing. my grandma was one of the ones that began my interest in all things crafty. she would sew most of my dresses for my school dances and any coat i knew what i wanted to look like but could never find. so needless to say that after many years of living and sewing in the same house she is left with a LOT of fabric. me being on of the only girls and the only one who really enjoys and gets the whole sewing thing has become the happy owner of all of her old fabric. can you say JACKPOT!! so since visiting my parents i have been going through it all to consolidate. some is no good and the feel is awful but there are yards of fabric in there that i can only imagine what i could do with it. my brain is in overdrive. now to find a scrap swap to be involved in cause i've hit the mother load!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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