Monday, November 19, 2007

our BIG secret......

So without telling anyone I bought myself a dog from a local animal shelter. It was after much turmoil and after 3 1/2 years of grief over losing my best friend Saedee. She was a Siberian husky and she was my constant companion. We took her into the vet thinking she was feeling sick and could get medication and fix it. 5 hours later we were saying our goodbyes and I still get sad about it. So Sat the kids my hubby and I went to the local shelter where they confiscate exotic animals from the are. I mean they had a kangaroo!!! What are these people thinking, can you imagine them going into the local feed store and requesting some Kangaroo food?! So with no thoughts of taking any of these dogs home with us I spied a sweet girl laying calmly in a corner kennel. She never barked at the other dogs when they would pass. So I said lets take her out and see her in the run. She was sweet although she needs a bit of training. She is a 9mo old Germanshepard/lab mix. And we hope she fits well with the family. We have named her Nico.

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