Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Beginnings of a Plan

I have BIG plans for my new 1969 trailer.  We towed her home this past week.  I spent the afternoon getting things cleaned out and bleached.  Then I took a step back and thought about how I wanted this new trailer to look.  Right away I realized my dad is going to have to rebuild the front and back walls due to water damage.  At some point a previous owner took out one of the front windows to hold an AC unit, that will need to be replaced.  I recently read someones take on their vintage trailer redo and I love how they put it,  to paraphrase it "We are not trying for a restoration, too much time and money for that, but we want to keep as much retro charm  as we can."  I couldn't have said it better myself.  I took a trip to Lowes this week and found a lot of the things I want to replace and upgrade my trailer with.  Just like with my Lil' Lemondrop,  I am leaning towards that seaside cottage look with a little more sparkle here and there.  I am working with a coral/orange oven and hood so that right there is going to pack a lot of punch in the color department.  I will be replacing the sink with a stainless steel option. With that being said here are the before photos of my yet to be named trailer. (hey Kerrie from seacottage, do you have any name ideas?!) 

Back wall light close up.  I think I will be changing this out. 

 This is the view to the back, bunk up, couch in place.  I think I am going to make that a permanent bed with a real mattress.  We will put extra pillows on it and call it a daybed during the day ;)

 From the back couch bench looking to the front.

 The orange appliances in all their glory.  The backsplash will be tin, the countertop will also be changed.

 The front light fixture and original gas lamp. (I am thinking a cute little chandelier right there would be supper cute.)
 The shower room.  The selling feature of the camper.  Needs a new toilet.  Not sure If I will keep the corner basin either.  Don't see us brushing our teeth that close to where we use the potty.

 An "upgrade"as my youngest would call it,  this was a birds nest that was behind the fridge.

And just for fun, a comparison of the two.  Seems crazy that this new trailer is only 4' longer than my Lil' Lemondrop.

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