Friday, April 20, 2012

One of My Favorite Weekends

The Lemondrop in the woods.  She was the cutest trailer there!

 Making s'mores with the boys. (the undies on the line weren't ours)

My sneaks got soaked showering the boys, so I had to resort to flip flops with socks.  Not so glamorous I know!

My famous traveling gnome.  I take a picture of him every time.

And of course my 3 favorite kids in the whole world.  And 2 dogs that are ok ;)  These are my constant companions and glamping buddies.  The Lord truly blessed me!!!


kerrie of sea cottage said...

Makes me miss glamping in my Pearl. So glad you had an amazing time.

Connie said...

Hi, I love your little trailer. I have been working toward talking my husband into purchasing a secondhand travel trailer and just giving it a try. I'm retired but he has a few years left to work, but has pretty good vacation time, so we are just thinking about in state travel for a while to get our feet wet. I'm looking forward to sharing your adventures through this blogging media and showing Steve just how much fun we can have. God bless your travels, Connie :) P.S. please accept my invitation to visit my blog, hopefully you will decide to follow me, too.