Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Lemon Drop Spread Her Wings

We had an awesome weekend camping. The weather was perfect, as if we special ordered it just for this trip. It was so great to get my tiny trailer on the road again. I had missed her. So had the kids!

Pancakes always taste better from a pink stove!

We went with two other families that have become our family, since we live away from "home". It was just me and the kids as my Mr was away on business as he so often is. This gives me and the kids something to do to break up the time.

I love that they love camping. I hope to give them so many happy memories doing this. I hope to give them a love of being outside and enjoying the more simple things in life. God gave us this amazing world and I want them to know it!
I am so blessed in so many ways and all the people there this past weekend are one of the many blessings. God sure must love me to have put them all in my life, my awesome kids included!! Can't wait for our next trip and some more campfire popcorn!!

* Thanks Johnny, my popcorn maker is going to be one of the most used gifts I've ever gotten for Christmas!!

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Gerry said...

Looks like a lot of fun!