Friday, August 27, 2010

**photo by avery

School has started very well this year. I feel a little more settled with it. I finally realized they are doing enough, even if my enough isn't every day!! Kids learn no matter what environment they are in. We had a small hiccup with Averys math. We started with Switched On schOOlHouse, hated it after just two days, and found Rod and Staff instead! She was using them for grammar already and when the hs bookstore didn't have the math I was looking for I decided to give them a try. I found a gigantic blessing in that unanswered prayer!! I am loving R and S more and more, they are no nonsense cut and dry facts only, and we love it!!

So now I just sit back and let the school year unfold, and roll with the punches. Because I have finally figured out it's not about me or them at all...its about Him, and he never fails :)


Delena said...

Very encouraging! I'm feeling we're not doing enough. I'm discouraged thinking I'm screwing up my kids somehow and that they'll suffer b/c I wont let it go. I have to remember it is about Him, and He never fails! Thanks for your encouragement. We're starting for real on Monday. I'm working full time right now b/c of the real estate market, so Doug's taking over some of the schooling. Perhaps it will be better this way. If nothing else, it will be interesting ;) Not quite sure what the year will look like.

Are you using Picnik to edit photos? I'm liking them.

Take care and keep those blog posts coming. Someday I'll post again, too.....

Lisa said...

Delena I am glad I can help out! I will be praying for you and the fam. as things are different for you guys this year.

Yes I am still loving Picnik. I use it all the time!

p.s. I look forward to your posts when life slows down for you a bit :)

Eren said... won't believe this, but you won the book! Too funny, eh? Lets get together so I can hand it over in person ;) Beach evening soon?

The Belangers said...

You're beautiful!!!

And did I mention I'm so darn jealous of your adorable bike?!

fairmaiden said...

I'm glad to hear your school year has begun with joy. It does take awhile to settle in and learn that your children are thriving no matter what your schedule looks like. With my two youngest in public H.S now, I see how much I really did do for them...much more than their teachers now whom get a nice big paycheck. But I do want you to know that they learn so much more in home education. My children know how to think, reason, study, calculate, be responsible, socialize with all age groups, respect leaders/adults...they are all doing so well. YOurs will too, so don't worry you are doing MORE than you know now.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I've used Rod and Staff at times and always liked it too. Right now I'm using quite a combo of different things I've picked up over the years.
You are so right, God never fails.