Sunday, August 15, 2010

Getting Ready for School 10-11

Tomorrow marks the start of the new school year. We are still waiting on Averys math and the teachers book for ETC for Keegan. I have been praying over our school year that our enthusiasm is maintained throughout the year and our hearts and minds are open. I am really excited about the Apologia science we will be doing this year. I was considering getting myself a notebook to do it along with the kids!!


fairmaiden said...

Best wishes for a new year!

I always did science along with my kids and I learned alot. Our favorite thing to do for about 5 years was keep Nature Journals. You can do it so easily together at the different grade levels. We used simple Composition books(that cost 50 cents)...we would go for nature walks in our own backyard and travel to different locations(rivers, creeks,woods,ocean, etc) once a week and then record what we found. Sometimes we would focus on trees or rocks. They would draw pictures and glue pieces of nature they found. (actually using packaging tape worked best to keep the pieces in place like leaves, petals, bugs-just put the clear tape over the object and you can see it through the tape). My children's nature journals are now in their 'hope chests' to go with them when they leave the nest.

Lisa said...

I love the idea of the tape. The Apologia has pre printed notebooks that are kinda like workbooks, but way more fun. I am sooo going to use the packing tape idea. Thanks my friend!

I also got my Pocketful of Pinecones out and have been reading it again. I love that book!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We've done nature journals too. We did the life cycle of moths while growing tomatoes and discovering tomato worms :-) That actually became a lesson for quite a few neighbor kids as they each wanted their own tomato worm to care for. I didn't like those bugs and I sacrificed alot of tomato leaves, but we all learned alot :-) Starting each day with prayer before I even got out of bed has always helped me. I hope your week (and your year) goes well. We won't be starting back for a few weeks more.

Delena said...

We're starting this week, too. I'm so excited. I haven't broken it to the kids, though. LOL. That ought to be fun.

Lisa said...

Oh no Delena...You will have to tell me how they take it. What are you using this year??