Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My New WIP

I love Crochet Today, it has some of the best, up to date, crochet patterns I have seen. That is my one beef with crochet, there are very few cool trendy easy to wear items to make. Sure I can make enough afghans to supply a small town, but I would like to wear some of the things I work so hard to make. Well this months crochet today has so many things to wear I didn't know where to start. So I decided to give this cute chevron cardi a try.

I love the colors, although I am not using the exact yarn they called for, it is pretty darn close. It is a very simple pattern. The only problem I have had is because I didn't check my gauge (I know, I know, very dumb) so I had to rip out the better part of the back when I realized it was a 1x and I am a small....oops!!


Delena said...

How very cool. Can't wait to watch it progress.

Lisa said...

Delena I can always count on you to comment....thank you friend!! I am hoping to be done in the next few days.