Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fire pits and Camp outs

I love that the weather is getting warmer. I also love having great friends to share it with. I went for an impromptu burn last night. The kids played in the yard until it got dark....and then continued to play for a bit more while the adults played a spontaneous game of name that tune. It was too much fun!!

The rest of my week will consist of getting ready for our next camping trip to a little place just down the road. We will be joining this fine family again and one more family of friends. I am quite excited because this time we have electricity!!


Delena said...

Camping with power is the only way to go. I think we may try to get out of dodge here soon, too.

Lisa said...

this is a very true story, what a difference a little ampage makes!!!! Post photos of your trip if you go, would love to see how you roll when you camp.

me said...

AWWW...that was so fun that night! lets do it again next weekend : )