Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maiden Voyage 2010

Piper thought this was her own personal dog house...she thought she was the queen.

Trying to dry out and warming up in front of the space heater...

Make shift weapons......

Dancing at the campsite


PB&J at the neighbors ;)
My table scape...ready for 7 layer salad and cOrnelL Chicken mmmm

Never Enough Dirt aka: Mt Party
How come things are so messy on the way home???

My traveling Gnome....until next time

**We came home a day early due to my girlfriend getting sick. Mr Flora just called to tell me she is having her appendix removed. Praying for fast recovery. I love you's not nice to make me worry like this!!!


fairmaiden said...

It looks like a wonderful maiden voyage! Isn't it fun? You will get used to the mess after a few times and eventually 'if' you go enough you will find a routine. I think(actually I know) I like going to the coast the best because sand is so clean compared to dirt! Love seeing all those smiling faces. Your lil Lemondrop is the bomb! So so so cute.

Delena said...

How very fun. I love the decor. And, yes the ride home is always a mess. I always pack things nice and neat when we take off and then throw it all in when its time to head home. :)

me said...

no worries my friend!!!!!love the pix. Ill have to send you some of mine when I am up and going!! we'll try again soon! NOTHING WILL STOP US....dum da dah dummmmm..........