Sunday, February 7, 2010

What We've Been Up To

We get very little snow here on the SouthEast Coast. I mean we usually get a dusting here or there that will shut down the surrounding cities cause people panic. Real snow fall though seems to be elusive. Well not this year. For the first time in like 20 years we had a measurable amount of snow fall. The kids were over the moon. I however was not prepared cause you see they always cry wolf and we get nothing. So we stayed in last weekend and just enjoyed a day of snow. The kids were a motley crew because most of our snow stuff is in PA where we actually get snow.

Never the less they had a great time playing and getting soaked in the white stuff. Halfway through the day my husband asks "Where is their snow stuff?" My response was "What snow stuff? We live in the south, we usually don't get snow"

So now this summer I will be hitting the thrift stores hot and heavy finding winter wear for the just in case days we get in the winter. And if nothing else they can wear it out on colder days and stay warm.
Please note the pink snow pants on Keegan and the pink mittens on Tripp. I tried my best, that was all I could come up with. I told Keegan real men wear pink, don't worry about it.
Part of our backyard, with snow actually falling.....never happens I swear!!
This was Pipers first time in snow, she ran out on the deck and started barking at it and trying to catch it as it was falling. Crazy dog.....


fairmaiden said...

That is so fun! And Piper is so cute. Bella barks at the white stuff too. She even barks at rain. Silly doggies.

We have to drive 30mins to 1 hr up the hill for snow and we usually go a few times a year to sled, but haven't had a chance to take our kids yet. Just hub, bella, and I went.

Delena said...

Playing in snow in cotton pants and tennis shoes only makes your kids stronger. ;) When I was a kid in Texas we had a "snow fall" (not even a dusting, but whatever) and mom wouldn't let us play in it b/c we had no snow stuff. She was probably just saving herself the wet clothes, tears b/c we were freezing, etc. Still remember the disappointment like it was yesterday.....