Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Favorite Past Time

We were going strong on family movie night here for awhile and then all of a sudden I realized two out of my three kids were quite fun to play games with. So for the last few weeks we have been enjoying family game night. Their favorite?! Mouse Trap that their daddy brought home as a surprise one night, even Tripp can play along!

This boy does not like to lose!

How cute is she without those front teeth?!


Renee said...

What a nice surprise from Daddy. Avery does look adorable with those missing teeth!

Delena said...

She's adorable!

I have a middle son who hates to lose, too. It gets ugly if he doesn't win.

Lisa said...

Delena a terrible as it is to say we enjoy watching him get so worked up, it is quite hysterical. Though we do try to keep it to ourselves ;)

fairmaiden said...

Family game night is soooo fun! And it is something you can do when they get older, and older too...we like to play cards, UNO, Apples to Apples and Last Word when we go to the coast in 'The Pearl'. And now that two of our children are young adults a few beers are involved. Lots of laughing and family closeness. You're gonna love the family trips in your Lil Lemondrop!