Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year New Start

Well hello friends. I took a small break after Christmas, mainly because I really didn't have much to say. We are well started into the new year and I have determined to make a fresh start of things. No resolutions, just refocusing. I have joined my local Y. I am giving myself 3 months, if I don't use it regularly (I am aiming for 3 days a week) then I will drop my membership. On monday school will resume, and I am hoping for a bit of a fire to be lit not just in me but the kids.

Homeschool moms please tell me I am not the only one that wakes up some days and wanders why in the world I don't just put those kids on the bus?! So many days I love homeschooling but when you hit that wall it is such a struggle,ya know??

Other things I am looking forward to in the new year?! I am beginning to plan a small road trip for me and the kids and the Wee Camper. I am hoping for some place warm and sunny. I do hate cold weather! Anyone live on the East Coast that reads my blog and has suggestions I would love to hear them :)

Here is something fun, my husband made a snow machine and has blown snow for my kids twice now. I know crazy, but that's what you do when you live in the South East and rarely see the stuff. I was raised in PA so I have had my fair share of snow days, my kids however have never even been sled riding. So we took it in our own hands to have some of the white stuff to play in. They think it is awesome and I am pretty impressed by my husband if I do say so myself.
**seriously how cute is he so proud of himself that he made snow ;)

We came home from church on Sunday to find my poor puppy was not her self. She had been squinting all morning and I thought nothing of it til we came home and she had green gook in her eye. So first thing Monday we took her to her Dr and she had an ulcer in her eye, so now she is on antibiotics to chase away the infection and clear up her eye. Poor thing she was shaking all night Sunday from the pain, I felt so bad for her. Good news she is on the mend and back to her old spunky self!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday!


Delena said...

I'm hearing you loud and clear on the wall-hitting. My kids totally freaked out when I told them Sunday night that we were going to start school in the morning (like all the "other kids" who they could easily be joining if they give me any more CRAP!!!) I've been trying to ease back into the swing of things this week.

Love the idea of a snow making machine. How inventor-like. Love even more the idea of a road trip. Too bad WA is so far away and probably colder than where you are. :)

fairmaiden said...

Poor lil glad to hear she is on the mend.

About the schooling...keep on, keep on...when I would hit those walls the LORD would always whisper 'stay the course' and it would sure help also helps to keep as central focus have the opportunity to love on your children like you would never be able to if they were in school. I miss mine this year so much...miss all those hours of loving on them.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You have a very talented hubby. My kids would love that. I'm glad your pup is feeling better, and yes, I've had many days over the years when I wanted to put my kids in school. My two oldest are going to graduate from college in May though (they homeschooled through high school) and I'm seeing the fruits of it all now. It's the spiritual fruit that is the best part too. Feel free to write me if you ever have any questions and I'll try my best to answer them if I can :-) I've had wonderful people help me along the way.

Lisa said...

Thank you guys for your encouragement, it helps to know your not alone!!