Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas Photo 2009

This is the photo that I sent as our Christmas card. I love this photo, well except that the chilazion on Tripps eye was at its peak. I am going to try and find a reasonable company to put it on canvas so I can hang it proud on our wall. I love the fact that I take my own photos, me a tripod and the self timer button. It is all so much more relaxed cause we don't feel like we are performing for someone. Amazingly it looks as if we are all looking at the same thing! Anyway....if you did not receive a card from me please know I was thinking of you!



Delena said...

I love that photo! Its awesome. I, too, love taking my own pictures. I think they end up so much better than some studio shot. Great job.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You have a beautiful family and that photo will look wonderful on your wall. We haven't done enough of those as a family. I guess you never think you do when some of the kids are grown up.

fairmaiden said...

That is a gorgeous family photo!

Lisa said...

Thank you girls for the kind comments!! I always love reading them, they put a smile on my face :)