Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Is slowly turning into this:

We are closing off a random entrance between the formal living room and the family room. It will give me more options for furniture placement and we can finally hang the TV. My hubby can't picture it yet, but he will see it was all well worth his effort in the end. I am now bracing myself for the dust that the drywall sanding will provide....

**side note: i took keegan to the dr today after a night filled with crying about his ears hurting. sure enough a double ear infection. the medicine should kick in tomorrow night.


fairmaiden said...

Poor thing. Do you think he got it from being in the ocean? He'll be feeling better in no time after he gets the meds. I'm not a med person but for things like infections, they sure help.

We love to boogie board too. I wish we would have started when our kids we're younger. Our ocean can be very dangerous, so we we're afraid when they we're littler. And our ocean is very cold, so the kids have wetsuits. I don't have one, but I still boogied one day for 2-3 hrs with them. So fun!

Is your vintage camper coming along? I can't wait to see how it turns out. Pleeease show pics when you can.

Our camper is in need of restoration. My hubby said all the wood is rotting from a water leak in the roof(that it probably had for years before we bought it). He fixed the roof, but this Autumn will begin replacing the wood. Which means...we will probably completely redo the entire inside. We discovered on this trip that the stove has a propane leak. So, we need to get a new stove. It will be fun! Do you have any advice? Did you buy a new stove for yours?

dianes said...

Hey Lisa, I can't wait to see the finished product, we need to get together soon with the kids before summer is over

Lisa said...


Unfortunately for Keegan he has always suffered from ear infections. Any time his nose starts running I can be assured of a dr visit. The good thing for him is that the low grade meds do the trick. His brother on the other hand had to have tubes about a year ago, a true blessing from the Lord!!

My camper is coming along slow but sure. I am only able to help here and there since my parents home is 6 hours away. I have been trying to go every few weeks. My dad has been doing most of the work on his own. He just reinstalled new counter tops and the sink. We kept the original stove, it seems to be in working order. We are changing out the fittings and pipes since that is where most leaks tend to come from. My biggest change is going to be when the outside gets painted. My brother is rebuilding a camper at the same time and he did the $50 paint job from a tutorial on line. It turned out awesome. We will be doing the same to mine to help save money. My uncle is making my curtains as it is hard to find time to sit and sew with my little ones running around. I have some updated photos but i don't feel like they do it justice. My dad has done an awesome job and i am truly grateful for all of his work. I love my daddy, he is an awesome man.

Delena said...

I love house transformations. I hate sheetrock dust, but its worth it in the end.

fairmaiden said...

I'm going to go see your wee camper now! So glad it's coming along so fast for you. You said slow, but it seems fast to me.

To answer your ? No, I am not a hairdresser, but I have been cutting my four kids hair for 18yrs. and have done a few of their friends. I've gotten pretty good, I'm able to do the crazy styles these teenagers like. It's fun.