Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks Mr Flora

Last week we went down to Hatteras Island for a few nights and days with some great friends. We had a blast!! Rock Band until midnight every night and some card playing made for some late night fun with adults. During the day we were on the beach enjoying the sun and surf and friends. All because Mr Flora had to work there for the week and had a house to share.....WOO WOO!!


Donna said...

Looks like y'all had fun! And who's doing the Coppertone commercial in the first picture?!!!

guess who! said...'re forgiven, isnt the best.... but I have taken many many worse. Must fave pic is with Aub's coppertone butt! LOVE IT!!!!!! What fun...I wish we could do it again. Maybe ROb will sabotage their system and get us donw there again in Sept : ) hahahaha

Delena said...

Got to love that beach!

fairmaiden said...

Looks like you had a superdeeduper time. The beach is always great!!! Glad you we're able to get away. And look how cute you are in your bikini.

Donna said...

Hey, Li, Rhonda started a blog. I think you can find her @
(which is the same as her email address...just remember that the last character is the number one, not the letter L.) I'm sure she'd love to have you "visit"!