Sunday, June 14, 2009

Homeschool Fair

I had an amazing experience the past three days. My hubby and I went to the homeschool convention. The vender area was a bit intimidating the first night, but I soon got over it. We were able to have an up close look at some curriculum I had been considering and ended up purchasing. We were able to hear some great speakers and it was nice to be around people that get why we do what we do.

The best part of the weekend?! Spending quality time with my man and my great friends.

We had diner out both nights and had such a blast cutting up with these folks.

I am so blessed to have such awesome people in my life that encourage me and "get" me. These are some wonderful couples and I thank the Lord for them all the time.

While I was getting to spend quality time with hubby and friends an equally awesome friend (who unfortunately sends her kids to government school, are you feeling guilty yet S, is it working?!) kept my kids for me. Because we don't live close to my family these people have become my family. I appreciate you Sonya, keeping my kids so I could go to the fair with peace of mind is beyond words. I never worried once how they were because I think some times they love you more than me. I'm okay with that, cause I love you too, so I get it.

**Side note, if you want to see a face of pure joy, please go visit my Aunt Donnas blog. She got to meet her grandson after 5 weeks of being on pins and needles to hold him. The look on her face is priceless. I am so happy for her, and I might add that my cousin has one good looking baby!


essklein said...

You totally made me cry!!! That was so sweet to "complete" me too!! :) And no not feeling guilty yet...Did you not here my stories about Syd? I can't wait for September..HA I am kidding!! And it was my pleasure by the way, I adore them too!!

Delena said...

How fun to get away with hubs. I'm interested in what curriculum you chose.

Donna said...

Hey, Li ,, good for you and D to have some quality time and know that your little ones are in good hands!

Oh, yeah, talk about candid picture! Nothing like looking up from one of the most intense moments of your life to find a camera in your face!

I'm enjoying every minute of him. It's gonna go way too fast. Take care.