Monday, October 8, 2012


I have been experiencing some back and neck pain a lot lately. Back pain I'm use to. I've been a chiropractic believer since jr high. I have to go for adjustment here and there. The neck pain is kinda new. It STINKS! I go as needed for it. I use my neck massager,ice, and pain relievers a lot.

About two weeks ago I got fed up. Fed up needing to take meds. Fed up not being able to lift my leg to put on pants without low back pain/strain. Fed up feeling altogether crummy. I knew I needed to be proactive.

I've tried to run, and have even done races. But the truth is I hate it. I like how I feel after, but for that 30-45 min I'm on the pavement it feels like a form of punishment. I think it roots back to running track all through school, so it feels like a chore. I needed something else.

Then I was reading NieNies (please refer to my link on the side til I figure out how to add one from my phone) blog and she was talking about her body moving and the blessings of it even in pain and how she was so grateful for yoga. And it hit me, YOGA! I've dabbled in it here and there over the years but now I've decided to find a few programs and really stick with it for a long enough period of time to see if it helps.

Now I've always been a bendy person. Some use to call it double jointed. Really I'm just flexible. So a lot of the moves just come natural for me. Some of the sitting positions I've done forever cause I find it comfortable to sit that way. The bending isn't as easy as it once was but I know that will come with time and my muscles finally releasing. My strength needs some help to hold the positions longer. But I'm hoping I have found my "thing" and that it gives me relief. Also my two older kids are doing it with me to loosen there tight muscles from soccer. Keegan is a habitual toe walker so it is helping him to stretch out those back leg muscles and avoid being cast.

Now here's my one thing I want to say. I was surfing the web about Christian yoga and found a lot of strong opinions about how a Christian should not be doing it. Not the poses, not the stretches, nothing. Here is my view point on it. When they say calm your mind and think positive thoughts, I am clearing out the crazy thoughts of the day and praising The Lord for all of my blessings. I am using the deep breathing times to talk with Him. I know there is only one God and I know who He is. So I am a Christian doing yoga poses and using that time for quiet talks with God. I'm happy with that.


Delena said...

I completely agree with your yoga opinion. :) I've been looking for some good yoga, as well. Are you using videos? What have you found that you like?

Lisa said...

Delena- I have found Tara Stiles on youtube and I think she is great. I just purchased her 4 pack dvd set. The price was right at $20. I like her non preachy non chanty style. I also had got a Teen Yoga dvd a few years back at a discount store and had never opened it until a few weeks ago. Let me tell you, nothing about it is kid level. I mean my kids do it with me, but it is one heck of a workout. I love how she describes everything. It can still be found on amazon, Teen Yoga with Allie LaForce and Kathleen someone.... Check it out though, its worth it.