Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Close to Home

I am making a point to stay close to home this week, in the hopes of making it a habit. Since I put the kids in school I have been in the van more than in the house. Maybe it was the freedom of it all, who knows. I am finally sick of running around. The colder weather may be helping with me wanting to stay in. I am welcoming it. This house of mine needs some attention. I often get defeated with how quickly it gets away from me, or how it only takes Sat and Sun to destroy all the work I did the previous week.

I will admit one of my faults is accepting defeat too quickly....In my mind this house is so crazy organized I would put Martha to shame, but in reality it is lacking. I am human and I don't have a fleet of workers to get stuff done. Goodness a lot of the time I don't even have a partner to help thanks to his crazy job. I am not complaining because it keeps us fed and a roof over our head and clothes on our bodies....he just has to leave...a lot!!!

With all that being said I came to the conclusion that I need to try to stay home and get into some sort of routine. Some of the days have been spent on the couch crocheting gifts and trying to get a few items together to put in the shop. A lot of laundry being put away is taking place...vacuuming and throwing away bits and pieces of trash. It has been a breath of fresh air.

Piper is not complaining either....

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