Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School Re-do

Well my homeschool friends,our year started out great, loved all the curriculum, the kids were eager to do work (at least most of the time), I finally got a handle on what was enough. THEN my Mr came to me with the news that he would be traveling A LOT for work over the next year. My husband has a job that takes him away from home quite a bit so I live a lot of the time as a single parent. I am 6 hours away from my family and steady help. We live in a larger home with a decent sized yard. I have a lot on my plate. Something had to give. I have been overwhelmed by house work, yard work, my garden is non existent this year. I was starting to lose myself in all of it. I was taking it out on the kids. I had stopped appreciating the time we had together. It was making me pretty sad. So I started praying. Then I started waiting for answers.

There are a few blogs that I check daily, other moms of kids my kids ages. Some are homeschoolers some are not. A few weeks back I read this post from Crunchy Peas. I have always enjoyed seeing what she was doing with her girls in their homeschool. And I was surprised when she posted that her girls were going to public school this year. I loved her honesty. The things she wrote were the very things I had been praying over. I kept my thoughts to myself and continued to wait on Gods answer. Then last monday I read Erens post from VintageChica, and again she put words to my thoughts. God was giving me answers through others words and I finally listened. Last Friday I signed the kids up for school. They met their teachers and saw their class rooms. We bought a few supplies that we didn't have on hand already.

Yesterday I dropped them off at their class rooms and walked out of the little school with peace in my heart. They got off the bus yesterday afternoon glad to be home, and I was glad to see them. They had stories to tell and papers to be filled out and a bit of homework to be done. I love that God answers our prayers. That he speaks sometimes not like a hurricane, but like a soft breeze. We will take this one year at a time, the same way we homeschooled.


Belle said...

It is wonderful how God leads us when we wait for him. Many times he surprises me with his answers and with the doors he opens - doors I never even knew were there.

kerrie said...

He directs our path daily when we listen. I am glad to hear you will take it one year at a time. My last two children have adjusted well to going to public school...they wanted to, you know. But it did take both of them one semester to adjust. So be patient and know that by spring they will have the hang of it. I'm thankful you are still able to stay home with them. Coming home to homecooked meals, baked cookies, clean clothes, etc. they will enjoy. And now you will have more time to pray. Love you dearie. ox

Lisa said...

Thank you both for your kind words. This was not easy for me, I have a tough time admitting when I need help or have taken on too much. I am also sad that a few of my hs friends are having a difficult time extending grace and understanding to my situation. Being a married single parent is a tough job. I would not wish it on anyone.

Kerrie- I am enjoying time with my littlest guy who sometimes got lost in the shuffle. His personality tickles me pink!!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl...now we REALLY need to get together.

So glad you are at peace with your decision. You are such a good, God following, mama.

Much love sister!!!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'm sure it will go well Lisa. They have a momma who's actively involved in their education, it doesn't have to be at home. I loved reading about how God worked out all of the details and confirmed it all for you.