Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hello 2008......

The pork and sauerkraut are in the crock pot and most of the decorations are down. I still need to get to the tree today. Christmas was good with the exception of both the little guys getting ear infections. Two nights spent at the ER and a morning at the Drs they finally both got their antibiotics and are much better now.

It has been a low key holiday and with it being our first spent at the house and not going home to visit my parents I thought it would be sad. To tell the truth it was nice. I have made a few resolutions with the new year and what we will do differently for Christmas 2008. All in all it has been a good year, and I look forward to what this year has to hold.

Now to get to sewing and my new passion, finally decorating my house. Remodeling is done with the exception of that last 10% that everyone is guilty of putting off. I am ready to make this house feel like a home so there will be posts to follow about that journey too.......


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