Monday, December 17, 2007

Is it really almost Christmas?

i can hardly believe it is almost Christmas. there is still so much for us to do. Avery has her kindergarten play on wednesday and she has a speaking part. we are so proud of her, she has done so well this first part of the year. i can hardly believe my little girl is growing so fast. i want to make her out fit for the program and i guess you could say i am procrastinating. i will be working on it tonight.

we just got our hardwood floors in on tuesday and what a difference it makes in the down stairs. i painted the dining room a great color that we got from a home show we went to in the fall. i can't wait for all the trim work to be done so that i can concentrate on decorating finally and getting things where they truly belong it only took two and a half years ;P

i hope to post some pics soon of the work and the kids. getting excited to list some of my spring items on my shop, just waiting until after the holidays. if i don't get a chance to write before then Merry Christmas i hope everyone has a wonderful season and remember what it is truly about....

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